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could change in some areas, steve paulson will tell us which parts of the bay area will see some sprinkles and it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, we are taking a live look at the bay bridge, the new beautiful span and that means you can see in the darkness the old bay bridge. we will hear about some. dangers crews faced intaking down the old bridge and what they have to say about that, it is november 12, 11, 12, 13. >> let's look at traffic but steve is right there. >> yes, it is cloudy, and there is some light rain trying to develop off the san mateo coast and my guess is you probably will -- it will probably fall apart by the time rain arrives. if you need rain tweet me or e- mail me. cloudy and temperatures are in the 50s and this is our tracker and it completely wipes it out. again it is losing its support which is part of its apparent low. and the atmosphere is extremely dry, 50s are on the temperatures. for more on the backside we have some clearing and that sun will make an appearance later today. m
, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, we are taking you out to the oakland coliseum and if you didn't hear what happened, it is just an incredible story of a woman jumping from one of the desk at the raiders game and just as incredible as a map talks with her >> good among, i am dave clark, steve, how is it looking? >> it looks cold and we have clear skies and we have a lot of 30s, a few 30s to go average around and spare the air kicks in tonight and we are struggling for a few, maybe a few high clouds late, there is not much of a breeze, a cold morning, hazy skies, then temperatures are mainly in the upper 50s he is special hi from morgan hill. >> steve you are looking good, it is a nice looking driven coming into san francisco, no major problems into the city no major problems as you drive on the san mateo bridge and that traffic is looking good, it are is getting a little bit slower there driving into the main part of cop correct tformed. >>> a woman is footing for her life after jumping from. deck of the raiders game. tara moriarty is here
a tweet from bart saying we hope to have service restored by 6:00 a.m.. and the bart tweet says please use other means of transportation. we're on it. out at the west oakland bart station we will let you know what happens. expect more traffic on the roads. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> that is our big breaking news this morning. no bart service at this hour. it will take maybe an hour to get the trains running. a major computer problem over night led to that system-wide shut down. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us now from the west oakland bart station. >> reporter: yeah we had initially thought by 5:00 these trains would be back up and running but bart is saying the goal is 6:00. passengers very frustrated. not happy after all of the ups and downs of the bart strike. so we are standing by here. we are waiting for a bart official to come out here and give us another update. but they had hoped to get this problem fixed by now. the computer systems in central control are apparently not communicating properly with the track switches. train operators are having to manually crank systems in
california. for us we have clear skies. we will start off 30s, 40s, and 50s. for san jose we will start off with 42. here is sal. >>> the chp is investigating a deadly crash. it happened around 12:40 this morning. a driver got out of his car after crashing it into the center divide. another car struck and killed him when he left the crash scene and walked across the freeway. the chp says the driver immediately stopped and is cooperating with investigators. alcohol is not believed to be a factor in this tragic crash. let's go to live pictures now. i want to show you 80 westbound. that traffic is moving okay. also the the toll plaza it is light. there are no major problems there. the traffic continues to look good as you get to that toll plaza. there are no major issues as you drive through. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. >>> we are following a deadly fire. this was at a party supply store. janine de la vega is there. she has some new information from the firefighters down there. janine. >> reporter: yeah they were just able to knock down this fire. we are here on west san carlos ne
weather we often see power outages. we will be checking in on that. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning november 20th. >> welcome back. >> thank you. i feel better. not great. >> but you brought all that rain with you. >> it was good sleeping weather yesterday. >> i know. let's talk weather and traffic. >> as long as you look good, and you look good. >> so nice for you to say. >>> we have two systems here. the one we had last night is pushing east and south. there is a break right here but then this section that is the one we are looking for later today. probably around the noon hour things will juice up. this one has a little cold air and dynamics so we have to incorporate thunderstorm activity. kind of just a little bit. you might encount aerolittle bit of rain and as you can see there is pockets of it. there is not a lot. the main band has pushed out of the area. and boy is it mild. the cooler air is still up here. that will sweep through. that will cool down tomorrow and get ready for the wind to kick in. a possibility of more thunderstorms coming in this a
you out there in a moment. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning november 4th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve how does it look? >> it looks clear and cold for some. a little breezy for others. rate be sunny today -- it will be sunny today. clear. there is any huge difference in some of the lows here. clear and cold, breezy. sunshine today. it will be breezy at times but some of the higher elevations as well about 20-30 miles an hour. about 15-20 out to the valley. temperatures 53 antioch. 33 santa rosa. so huge spread here. redwood city 40. san jose 43. livermore 41. concord has tipped to -- has dipped to 39. we'll have a high of 64 degrees. temperatures will be reflective of a little bit of a north breeze but again its tough to get above 70-72 this time of year. sunny, breezy. northerly breeze. but temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. a lot of upper 50s to low 70s. >>> we are looking at a commute on a monday that is easing into the main part of it. we don't have a lot to talk about which is good. this is a look
, katie shows us what is happening out there right now, good morning, katie. >> reporter: firefighters tell us that shelter in place warning may be lifted as early as this morning. white smoke is still lifted from the debris pile and it can smell -- can be smelled as the far south as oakland. here is what it looked like. a dark cloud and on sea port boulevard they recycle electronics and the fire likely started at 1:30 yesterday afternoon in a conveyer system where metal cutting often causes sparks. it is some 300 feet wide and 300 feet high. they do work closely with those who dump deluges of water. the winds have shifted but the smell has permeated a much further distance as we mentioned. crews contain had the fire yesterday but they are still on the area to help out and we have called into area hospitals to see if anybody is complaining about the smoke issues and again that shelter in place warning may be lifted as early as this morning. katie, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a close call for people living in the san rafael area, a driver lost control, crashed into a tree outside o
us this morning. >>> bart back in the spotlight. find out what is happening this morning just ten days after the end of the strike. >>> finding some warmth and a place to sleep. the south bay bus line that is turning into a makeshift shelter for the homeless. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. we are taking you out to the scene in milpitas. unfortunately starting with very bad news this morning. several lanes of 680 shut down because of a fatal accident. we understand one construction worker was killed and it sounds like two others very badly injured. ktvu janine de la vega out there on the scene getting more information for us and finding out how it is effecting our morning commute. we will check in with her in just a moment. thank you for joining us. friday morning. first day of november. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. but first let's go to steve. >> pam, dave, thank you. a clear morning. not much of a breeze. there is a hint of an offshore breeze. oakland and san fran
a moment. it is wednesday, november 6th thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, how does it look? >> a little different today. mainly 40s on the lows. there are higher clouds coming in and patchy low clouds are trying to get their act today. there is still an easterly breeze so that should take care of most of it. the morning lows are cool to cold. 52 oakland though. 54 san francisco. some areas closer to the bay are running rather mild top warm. we'll go with 68 today in san francisco. i think the only reason was a little cooler than yesterday 70s was due to that high cloud deck. mix of sun and clouds. an easterly breeze will mean some very warm temps over by santa cruz. that is where i went with 80. overall highs looking for a lot of mid 70s. upper 60s and low 70s by the bay. another warm november day. >>> good morning. right now jj the man that handles my traffic report is pointing something out with the cameras. let's take a look at 280 in san jose. northbound 280 does look good. we're also looking at the livermo
to have a whole bunch of money to play with they can grow their business that way. >> they can use advertising and we could see more ads on our twitter feeds as they try to a piece their new shareholders. they will sit back and see how trading goes before they invest h protesting takes place here 6:30 around the same time twitter goes public and they will be here at headquarters and we will check in with them shortly. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> there are some concerns twitter is arriving on wall street and it could cause technical issues when it joined the nasdaq. although they recently completed the long awaited run, they are confident they can handle the extra volume. >>> a very relieved mother is waiting to see her two-week-old baby who was found with his father after being arrested in mexico. loved ones and the mother learned her baby was found safe. the boy was allegedly abducted by his father. he crossed into mexico through arizona and he was caught after mexican authorities learned he was wanted. >> we are currently waiting for the mexican authorities to turn over the
now, an early morning crash may cause probably almost. joining us now we have more about that crash and that blackout, good morning, paul. >>> good morning, dave, there is light in the area and tuck see traffic lights are out in that area and that proves that the lights are out in this area. i will tell you, hundreds have been affected by that and the wires there, they were boeing because of the support of the pole, they left hundreds of people without it this morning. >> i was stuck in the house and and i saw a man saying this is what happened here. the crash split the pole in 2 knocking off the transformer causing the live wires to boom. end pg&e first reported 5,000 customers were without power and that is down to a little legs than 50 and crowds will be down here making repairs and the first pole was further down from that and wires are down so these crews will have their work cut out for them this morning. you can see some lights are and coming behind us and we will have to get another update on those numbers but there are lights far in the distance where they were not on about
right now. 880 in oakland ktvu paul chambers is out there. he will get us an update in a moment. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, the weather changing any? >> yes, it is. mondays high today 58 to 64 but that is not the bigger story. it will be the cloud cover finally working its way in here. pretty decent system right there. its tapped in moisture right there near hawaii. today we start off with patchy fog but very, very cool readings. 39 for napa. now a lot of 40s. livermore looking at 44 degrees. we will go for 63. 62 by 2:00. it will be cloudy. it cloud up here early in the afternoon. temperatures will definitely start total. san francisco not much different. 58 for a high today. it will start off with a little bit of sun but then it will get cloudy. increasing clouds. a little bit of patchy fog. generally some sun in the morning and clouds in the afternoon. rain by late this afternoon and leavening. rain to the north. highs today 50s and 60s and getting cloudy. here is sal. >>> steve, we are looking
not said at this point what was used to start the fire on board the bus. the driver of the line 57 bus did notice the fire in the back and pulled over right near the intersection near macarthur boulevard and ardley avenue to get them for the young man. police however say they have no description of the people involved in the attack. >>> a march is planned in santa rosa for andy lopez, a 13-year- old boy shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. supporters will march demanding eric gel house be indicted on criminal charges. he shot lopez when he was holding a bb gun that looked like an assault rifle. gelhouse said he thought it was real and asked him to drop it but he did not. >> reporter: we want this killer to go to jail. he is sitting comfortably in his house while my son is sitting in a freezer with seven gunshots. >> the board of supervisors will discuss the lopez shooting and listen to community comments today. since andy lopez's death there has been a new push for tougher bb gun laws statewide. two years ago the los angeles state senator introduced legislation that would
for more details. it is friday, november 8th thank you for waking up with us i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic for you. steve is right here. >> yes, it is. we have fog back. otherwise it will be a little cooler for some. we've lost the low cloud deck or high cloud deck from yesterday. a lot more 40s than yesterday. it will be a little cooler and cooler on the high temps for coast and bay. san francisco 50 verses 57 yesterday. we'll go for a high of 62. watch out for that morning fog coast and bay. cooler inland under clerisies. cooler as well closer to the bay and hazy and warm away. in fact everything is staying to the north expect for that low cloud deck which is very low. fog, sun, hazy. but a warm pattern inland. no change there. we get a little bit more of a semi summer pattern. 50s and 60s to a few 70s. here is sal. >>> we just heard of a crash that sounds very serious in san jose. so i want to alert joe who operates our camera if we can get to 280 san jose. we are hearing of a very serious crash involving a pedestrian that was hit on the
oakland, 7 people were wounded, 2 of them critically, joining us live from the police headquarters and here is more on why children are terrified. >> he was walking down the street where there were children and he was shot in the next and another woman said a bullet went through her ponytail. seven men between the ageels of 23 and 21 were caught under a hail of bullets. they may not have been there but one or more shooters are responsible. >> 6:00 at night is not that late and a number of rounds is fired out here, so that is pretty brazen street on a street corner. investigators are hoping they can relay descriptions of the gunmen. it took five to respond because 60% of the violent crime happens there. murders are down this year i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> several firefighters may face disciplinary action and the firefighters may be suspended for their actions on june 29th june 29thth. that is when michael quinn was arrested for dui charges in the south of market area in the area of june and they are looking at a possible coverage up up -- cover up involving
is there to tell us why the police think those victims were randomly targeted, what is going on? >> yes, they don't believe that the victims and suspects knew each other but we are here on state street near oak where investigators are investigating the injury of a woman and as you can see police are going in and out of a home and right now they are gathering evidence and trying to locate two suspects. the shots were fired just outside a home on state street. an 18-year-old male and female were sitting on a porch when a vehicle approached and then the two were shot. we are told by officers that the male was hit 5 times and the female was hit by shrapnel. we believe this appears to be random and they just have limited information on the suspect. >> the suspects fled prior to our arrival and the suspects fled on foot and another in a vehicle. >> both victims were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and it is too early to tell right now if the suspects were in a gang or if this is at all gang-related but it has been a very busy night for san jose police and another man was shot i
with the help of thousands of volunteers. claudine wong is joining us live to let us know how san francisco is being transformed into gotham city. >> reporter: its all about gotham. people have been coming up to us going is this the day? everybody has been talking about this. every minute there is several tweets. people saying we are so excited for the day. we know thousands are going to come down here to be a part of this. to make this little boy's wish come true. and it is all about this five- year-old little boy. his name is miles and his wish is to be a super hero. and chief among his heros batman. miles has fought a battle with leukemia. he is now in remission. but today is all about making his dream come true today. and the make a wish foundation is turning the entire city into gotham city for miles who is now known by everyone as batkid. and when you talk about the amount of planning that has gone into a day like this, it is pretty incredible. and we actually talked to batman himself about what we can expect. >> what we have done is to build things that are not just props. so this fo
some big problems and some angry gamblers there and thank you for joining us november 13th, i am pam cook. >> it is already the middle of the week. we will check weather and traffic now. steve knows your forecast. >> we have mostly clear skies, a little bit of fog, maybe the marin coast is clear inland and we have sunny and warmer a few high clouds and today will be the warmer day as the we head toward friday and saturday. nights will be long but it is definitely cooler, there is a hint or two for patchy skies and in the city, yesterday's system pushes out a couple of high clouds and lots of sunshine today, warmer temperatures and just some patchy fog near the coast, it will be a cooler morning, temperatures a few mid-$70 here. antioch, it will be close to morgan hill. here is sal. >>> we are looking good around the roads if you are trying to get out there and it is a good time to do it and you can see we are getting out to the mcarthur maze with problems and it is not going to be like that for too long and you want to see the roads just like this when you roll up but there are no ma
. we will check in with her as well. thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic before thanksgiving, steve. >> we have 30s and 40s for temperatures, some of these temperatures are running a little bit warmer than yesterday. high clouds are definitely making an impact for some. san francisco is mild today and high clouds are working their way in here, this low which is on its way is heading out and i will just put it down in current california and this next system will spend in some high mild clouds, it is chilly and warm, 60s on the temperatures, here is sal. >>> good morning. we are looking at the commute that it is still very light although we will be watching anything that pops up. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems and if you are driving onto the span it looks good and 101 to san francisco looks good and also the airport looks good. the nimitz traffic is also looking good and contra costa looks good as well and on to the peninsular we are off to a good start, let's go back to the desk. >>> starting with breaking new
the northern part of the state and there's a good stream of moisture taking aim at us today. a lot of that has to work its way in. favor the north bay maybe for the morning even though that's not much. you can see this cloud cover streaming in. later on for the morning commute, most people will not get rain on them. 50s on the temps and i don't expect those to change at all. there's plenty of moisture moving in. i wish there was a little more forcing or lift in the atmosphere, that would help, but north, yes, you get some rain. otherwise south bay may have to wait a long, long time. cloudy and mild, off and on rain. some should pick up later. breezy out of the south, southeast. here's sal. >> steve, good morning, right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. it's not raining yet as steve mentioned, and that's going to make a big difference. it's dry at the bay bridge toll plaza. the minute that we start having wet weather it's usually associated with slower traffic, and unfortunately with more collisions. so we'll keep an eye on that for you. right now on 80 westbound it does loo
in august and they allegedly named him 3 / 5th or a fraction, a retch reference used to count black slaves. they reported that the three students put a bike lock around his neck and refused to give him the key to unlock it. they placed a common flag in the area of their sweet and he was barricaded in his room and locked in his closet. they ever gotten wind much this and they are planning some sort of event at 12:00 p.m. on campus. here is the names of the three defendants who are all 18 years old and the d.a.'s office is identifying them as colin warren, joseph madison madison bumgarnerer. if convicted they could face one year in the county jail. >>> 8 armed robberies just hours apart, police think all of them are connected. the first was about 5:30 on olympic drive last night. the first happened at a seafood city store and one of them bass was beaten. it handed out side of accordsco store and pet boys -- a costco store and pet boys. the gunman robbed another store but it appears to be unrelated. tara moriarty is on the story and she will have a live report coming up at 5:30. >>> we have a
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